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Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries are very closely related disciplines, that are intertwined in many ways. So, it is very difficult and sometimes pointless to separte them. The word "plastic" derives from the Greek word which means the art of modeling or sculpturing. Подробнее
Endoscopic face-lift is done with a special equipment, the main instrument in endoscopic face-lift is a video camera. To be able to work in the operation field the video camera has to be sterile. The picture that the surgeon sees on the screen is enlarged and it helps to divide the tissues a lot more carefully. Подробнее
The best age for correction of protruding ears is the age before the primary school (5-6 years). Подробнее
In my practice I usually get form 500-600 cc to 2000-3000 cc of liquid fat aspirate. The top amount was more than 6000 cc. Подробнее
Liposuction is not the best way for weight control but it is the most effective remedy that helps to remove unwanted fat from the most complicated body areas. Подробнее
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