Breast reduction: Evaluation of preoperative and postoperative pain and discomfort
Presented by: Tautvydas Urbonas a.id: 141
all authors: Urbonas T., Astrauskaite G.
supervisors: Astrauskas T.
1 - Kaunas Medical University
2 - Kaunas Medical University Clinics


50 – 90% of women with breast hypertrophy have back, shoulder and neck pain. Beside they have more difficulties in finding proper clothes and leading an active life. They also deal with the emotional discomfort and stress related to large breast. Although there are a lot of conservative methods to relief these symptoms breast reduction is still the most reliable one.


The aim of the study was to evaluate the improvement of different physical and psychological symptoms after breast reduction for the patients with large breast.


Questionnaires about back, shoulder and neck pain, emotional discomfort and other problems related to the large breast were given to 26 patients who decided to undergo a breast reduction surgery. The same questionnaire was given to the same patients six months after the surgery. The results were compared and


25 patients (96%) had pain in at least one area back (20 women or 77%), neck (17 women or 65%) or shoulder (18 women or 69%) before the surgery, the symptom persisted for 8 patients (31%) six months after the surgery (p<0,05). 18 (69%) patients noted having emotional discomfort related with large breast no one reported this problem after the surgery (p<0,05).


1. The emotional discomfort related to the large breast disappeared for all patients who underwent breast reduction surgery.
2. Back, neck and shoulder pain improved for most patients after the surgery and this result is statistically significant.

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