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Endoscopy in face rejuvenation procedures
Astrauskas T.1, Urbonas T.2, Astrauskaite G.2
1 - Kaunas Medical University Clinics, 2 – Kaunas medical university
In early nineties in endoscopic aesthetic face rejuvenation procedures horizontal vector was fundamental and it used to cause so called mask effect. Nowadays priority is given for vertical vector as the face becomes more projecting and its upper part gains more volume. Our aim was to review endoscopic technique possibilities in face rejuvenation operations.
Material and methods
In Kaunas Plastic surgery center 310 aesthetics frontal endoscopies were performed since 1997 till 2008: 55 front lifts, 102 front lifts with upper blepharoplasties, 153 front lifts with face lift procedures at the same time. 286 female patients and 24 male patients were operated. Age ranged from 19 to 68 years (average 47). In late period (12 moths or more) 55 patients we observed. The main point of quality and stability was the position of cheek, eyebrow and lateral cantus. The live size pre- and postoperative photographies (using computer program) were analyzed.
The early postoperative complications were temporary frontal palsies in 30 cases (9,6%) for maximum 4 months (treated with botulin toxin injections to healthy side to obtain symmetry), haematomas in 6 cases (1,9%) (two cases required surgical revision), reduced sensitivity of parietal and frontal region skin for 2-3 months in 254 cases (81,9%), in cheeks – 62 cases (20%), a temporary loss of part of the hair in 108 cases (34,8 %), infection in 3 cases (1%), photophobia for at least 2-3 months in 49 cases (15,8 %), limited movements of lips in 46 cases (14,8%). The mean elevation of the lateral part of the eyebrows was 4,3 mm (ranging from 1,4 to 7,5), lateral cantus was 1,02 mm (ranging from 0,0 to 2,5 mm), cheek elevation – 4 mm (3,5 – 4,5).
The endoscopic front, brow and midface lift is predictable upper face rejuvenation procedure with long lasting results.

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