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Patients who are struggling with the cancer are usually affected by many adverse factors such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immune suppression, malnutrition and others. Some of these factors can themselves initiate hardly treated wounds and some can interfere with wound healing. More
Aim of the study: To introduce and evaluate a new technique in pedicle TRAM flap reconstruction using a Laser Doppler (LD) to achieve the maximal volume preservation of tissues and to keep the minimal risk of partial flap necrosis. More
Current information about different methods of breast augmentation is controversial and to state which method gains an advantage over the others is hardly possible. It is also hard to predict the reasons of the complications. The aim of this paper was to compare different techniques of breast augmentation by evaluating the duration of the operation, the duration of the hospitalization and the incidence of postoperative complications. We also tried to find the relation between postoperative drainage productivity and the incidence of capsular contractures. More
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons nowadays they perform 600% more breast augmentations then they did 15 years ago and the number is increasing. Not only is the number of operations increasing but also the number of methods. Although we do not have the exact data about situation in our country but the tendencies are definitely the same. That is why it is important to know which method gains the advantage over the others. More
50 – 90% of women with breast hypertrophy have back, shoulder and neck pain. Beside they have more
difficulties in finding proper clothes and leading an active life. They also deal with the emotional discomfort
and stress related to large breast. Although there are a lot of conservative methods to relief these
symptoms breast reduction is still the most reliable one.
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