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I was recommended to Tautrimo Astrausko Klinika by a Lithuanian colleague who on learning that I was considering upper arm surgery (to remove sun damage and excess skin, following weight loss) was shocked at the London price quoted and suggested that I consulted with Dr Astrauskas at his monthly clinic in London. The consultation was thorough, in depth and fully informative and I felt reassured that a trip to Kaunos for the procedure was certainly worthwhile. Whilst I was naturally apprehensive travelling abroad for a surgical procedure, I had extensively done my homework, having investigated enough to know that this was a well known and greatly respected surgeon and clinic.

The clinic's co-ordinator, Neringa was wonderful and arranged everything from being collected from the airport, booking the hotel and made all my transport arrangements whilst I was there. On the morning of the surgery I was greeted on admission by Rita, the nurse who was assigned to me throughout my stay, sleeping on premises to be available and on call during the night. I underwent blood tests and an ECG and was introduced to the anaesthetist, who not only took my full medical history but also made a wonderful effort to reassure me. Following a final pre op consultation with Dr Astrauskas, where I was marked and photographed, I was lead to the theatre. My next memory was waking with my newly reduced arms with Rita by my side. Whilst I hadn't thought too much about the pain, had I, it would have been a waste of worry, there was absolutely none, the stitches were in fact one stitch per arm with butterfly stitches for compression. Following the drain removal, dressing change and antibiotics I was discharged the following morning, collected by taxi and returned to the hotel where I spent a very pleasant week between visits to the clinic, exploring the old town.

I have now been home a week, my arms are healing beautifully and I could not be more delighted, they are smooth, tight and greatly reduced. As for the doctor and the clinic I cannot speak of them in more glowing terms, the service was first rate, professional, efficient, attentive. All staff spoke excellent English and the clinic rivalled the best that London has to offer. The only matters that separated my experience from the same procedure in London was a short flight, a week in a four star hotel and a cost saving (including the flight/hotel/food and sundry costs) amounting to a third of the price that I had been quoted in London.

For the purpose of discretion I have not disclosed my personal details but without reservation, I would happily speak to anyone who maybe considering the same. Pass your details to the clinic and with pleasure I will make contact with you. I have written this as I had the benefit of a good recommendation of a trusted colleague, I would never have contemplated it otherwise. Finally, It has to be said that surgery is not without risk, any reputable surgeon will make this clear. For my part and experience, the risks were exactly the same undertaken in Lithuania as they would have been in London, the cost was my deciding and over riding factor and I will be returning without doubt and will continue to recommend without hesitation.

My thanks goes to Dr Astrauskas and his team.

If You want to speak to me, I am happy to contact You.

Dawn, London

My name is Michelle Jones and I am 45 years old, I decided a long ago that a tummy tuck was over due, mainly through infertility surgery performed in my 20’s left me with no stomach muscles and I wanted this rectified.

I had investigated surgeons in both California and London and was not impressed with the after care or the price.

I found an agent in London for surgery in Lithuania and went to see her, I felt very comfortable with her and agreed to have the operation there.

I spoke with Dr Tautrimas Astrauskas and liked him immediately so arranged a date with him, December 4th 2006 I flew over and met with him and found him Kind understanding and very professional.

I was impressed with the high standards of the clinic and the staff was helpful and patient.

The first priority is of course the success of the surgery, but also the personal comforts help aid recovery and this clinic gives you both.

I was able to use my laptop and my cell phone in my room, which you cannot do in the UK or CA. The meals were ordered through a restaurant, which were presented beautifully by the nurses.

I asked for a masseuse as I had backache and she came to me most evenings, she was reasonably priced and helped me immensely.

My stay was extremely comfortable and I will be going back for more surgery this year.

I have recommended Dr Tautrimas Astrauskas to everyone I know, I believe Dr Tautrimas Astrauskas to be one of the best surgeons around.

Michelle Jones, London

As we get older us women notice more and more things that we are not quite happy with when we look in the mirror. We all want a more beautiful body that we can be pleased with every day.

I moved to Denmark from Lithuania more than 10 years ago and married a Danish man. When we return home from vocation we always have our holiday photos developed and there I could see many things with my body that I would like to have corrected.

In 2004 I visited my family and went for a consultation with doctor Tautrimas Astrauskas at "Plastines chirurgijos centras" in Kaunas where I told about my problems and wishes. I got a thorough and competent explanation plus time to think it all over. Back in Denmark I read many articles on the internet about his work, collaborations with other specialists around the world, and participation in various conferences. We communicated with each other via email and he replied to all my questions with great patience. Finally, we agreed on an operation date.

The operation went fine and I was happy with the result and knew right away that this was not the last time for me in that clinic.

In 2007 I returned to Kaunas and Tautrimas Astrauskas in his new clinic on Sasnausko Street to have a breast lift and liposuction on the belly. The operation went as expected without any complications and I am very excited about the result.

I consider Tautrimas Astrauskas an artist who makes dreams come true. We women nowadays are very privileged to have this kind of opportunities. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the staff for their care, friendly words, support, and smile.

It is with great pleasure that I warmly recommend "Plastines chirurgijos centras" in Kaunas to all my friends in Denmark and Lithuania. All patients can feel safe in their component hands.

Rima, Copenhagen, Denmark

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