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Treatment of complicated wounds for oncology patients
Goda Aštrauskaitė 
Tautrimas Aštrauskas
Kęstutis Urbonas 
Kaunas Medical University
Introduction: Patients who are struggling with the cancer are usually affected by many adverse factors such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immune suppression, malnutrition and others. Some of these factors can themselves initiate hardly treated wounds and some can interfere with wound healing.
Aim: To share experience of complicated wounds treatment for oncology patients. 
Materials and Methods: During the year 2005 – 2010 there were 7 oncology patients treated for complicated wounds. 6 of them were treated for radiation ulcers and 1 was treated for ulcerating squamuos cells carcinoma. The complete healing in all cases of radiation ulcers was achieved after pedicle rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap transposition. In the case of ulcerating squamuos cells carcinoma a complex treatment of radiotherapy, alloplasty and skin grafting was applied. Complications of the treatment were evaluated. 
Results: Complicated wounds healed in all 7 cases but there was 1 partial flap necrosis that required an additional surgical procedure. 
Conclusion: Wounds that occur for the patients with oncological diseases are usually complicated and difficult to treat. To achieve a complete healing the major role is played by the tactics of surgical or complex treatment. The best way to treat ulcers caused by radiation is to use myocutaneous flaps.  

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