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What's the difference among plastic aesthetic and reconstruction surgery?

Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries are very closely related disciplines, that are intertwined in many ways. So, it is very difficult and sometimes pointless to separte them. The word "plastic" derives from the Greek word which means the art of modeling or sculpturing. This means that different techniques of plastic surgery technique are made to design or change the human exterior modify restore or improve appearance. Plastic surgery can help in cases where it is necessary to restore the integrity of the tissue after removal of scar or tumor in case of burns or chronic wounds and other indications.

Reconstructive surgery works mostly on functions restoration, in this case the appearance remains in the background. Reconstructive procedures may help one to return functions that were lost due to injuries, burns, cancer or other causes. Of course, one of the most important function of the human body is an aesthetic function. So, reconstructive surgery also includes operations that do not restore the direct function of an organ but only return the appearance (i.e. breast reconstruction does not restore the production of milk, as well as restoring the ear does not improve hearing).
The goal of cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is to improve the appearance. In this case the patient who undergoes the surgery is often completely healthy (if we look to health in the narrow sense). Improvement of the appearance in this case is perceived as a change of individual's appearance close to a well-established norms of society, or close to certain ideals. However, looking at health in a broad sense no aesthetic surgery is done for entirely healthy individual. As health is perceived not only as the absence of diseases but also a complete social welfare and, of course, happiness. Who could deny that a child who constantly hears the taunts about his protruding ears feels very unhappy and in certain cases it leads to tragedy...

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