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Breast reduction

Breast reduction is recommended for women who are suffering back and shoulder pain, have to limit their physical activity or experience psychological and emotional discomfort due to large breasts. The aim of the procedure is to remove excess fat and glandular tissue and change the shape of the breast so that it better matches body proportions. Breast reduction is always performed together with a breast lift, so the location of the nipple and areola complex changes. The size of the areola can be also reduced at the patient’s request.


There are a variety of techniques for breast reduction but the most commonly used is the so-called "keyhole" or “anchor” pattern technique. When discussing the procedure with the patient the surgeon will take into account the size of the breasts, the degree of breast ptosis and various risk factors. The surgeon will also make a decision about whether the nipple and areola complex should be raised leaving its own innervation and blood supply intact, or whether it should be transplanted to a new location as a free graft. The patient should be made aware that the postoperative scars will remain for life, no matter the method of breast reduction that is chosen. However, the scars are not that visible and can be easily hidden under a bra or bathing suit, if the operation is performed properly and complications are avoided.

Breast reduction
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Anchor breast reduction
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Operation risks

Breast reduction, like any other intervention, may have adverse effects, such as reaction to the anaesthesia, temporary swelling, discomfort and loss or decrease of nipple sensitivity (if the nipple is transplanted as a free graft it will always remain without innervation). More rarely patients might experience prolonged bleeding, wound infection or scar hypertrophy. Other possible complications and adverse reactions should be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

Postoperative period

The patient is advised to wear a special bra for a few weeks after the procedure. Usually patients return to work within 10-14 days. More intense physical activity should be avoided for at least several weeks. The final cosmetic result will be visible after several months.

The effects of breast reduction are expected to be long lasting, but age, future pregnancies, weight change, lifestyle and other factors affect the appearance of the breasts, so they might change in shape or volume or begin to sag again.
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