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Vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for women to narrow and rejuvenate the vaginal canal, and help women to regain the joy of a full-fledged sexual life. Such procedures are recommended for women who have lost tissue elasticity and tone due to childbirth, trauma, congenital pathologies, or vaginal cancer.


The operation is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Incisions are made in the vaginal mucosa. Once a specific methodology has been decided on, the surgeon narrows the vaginal wall, reinforcing the pelvic floor muscles and removing part of the vaginal mucosa. In some cases, a part of the vagina may also be removed. If necessary, perineal and vaginal wall reinforcement may be carried out using special nets. Finally, soluble thread is used to close the incision in the vaginal mucosa. At the patient's request labiaplasty or large labia anti-aging fat injections can also be carried out at the same time.

Operation risks

As with any intervention, vaginal plastic surgery can have side effects, such as reactions to the anaesthesia, postoperative pain, tightness, prolonged bleeding, infection, scar tenderness. Though uncommon, there is a small risk of vaginal and pelvic floor tissue sensitivity, persistent pain or painful intercourse. Other possible complications or adverse reactions should be discussed with a plastic surgeon or gynaecologist during the consultation.

Postoperative period

Usually healing lasts a few weeks or months. Intercourse should be avoided for 4-6 weeks, and more intense physical activity should be limited for about 1-2 months. After vaginoplasty we recommended that women do not give birth vaginally, but by caesarean surgery.

The aesthetic effects of vaginal plastic surgery are long lasting, but tissue tone and elasticity can change over the years, altering the size and shape of the vagina.
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