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Fat grafting

Fat grafting is a procedure designed to correct bodylines or enhance parts of the body. Adipocytes can be taken from the patient's own subcutaneous tissue, so often fat grafting and liposuction are carried out together. Adipose tissue is removed from sites where it occurs in excess (buttocks, thighs, back) and transplanted to sites that require adjustment (breasts, buttocks, facial wrinkles).


Fat is taken with a special cannula using a negative pressure (in the case of fat grafting, adipose cells are taken manually with a syringe so the cells are less traumatized and are more likely to remain viable). Subsequently, fat cells are carefully washed and separated from tissue fluid ready for transplantation. Once the tissue is ready for grafting it is injected and spread evenly under the skin. The volume of fat that can be injected into the breasts during one session is usually 100-300 cc. Between 200-600 cc can be injected into the buttocks, and several cubic centimetres can be injected into facial wrinkles. Of course, the greater the amount of tissue that is transplanted, the less likely it is to all survive.
Fat harvesting
  Typical zones for fat harvesting   Fat harvesting cannula in subcutaneous tissue  

Operation risks

Graft reabsorption is the main adverse effect of fat grafting. However, depending on the fat harvesting technique used, the care taken when it is injected and the individual patient’s characteristics, up to 90% of the graft volume will be retained. Other complications, such as infection, bleeding and tissue fluid accumulation are relatively rare (1-5%).

Postoperative period

Usually patients can return to work after 1-2 weeks. Physical activity restrictions should be followed for 2-4 weeks.

The cosmetic effects of fat grafting can last for years or decades, but it greatly depends on the patient's lifestyle, diet, and physical activity.

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